About Ai Uehara

Uehara Profile

Uehara Ai, (Uehara Ai, born November 12, 1992) is Japan's number one AV actress both in name and in reality.

Personal Biography

  • Born to be a Porn Star

    She was discovered by a scout in 2011 and made her debut in the AV world.

    Her stage name was given to her by the president of the agency from the impression that her look is very similar to Uehara Takako and Kato Ai.

    Her character is a naturally lovable character. Her soft body is her feature. Her official blog readers are called "Team Aichin". Her first experience was during the summer of her third year in junior high school, in her boyfriend's house with her boyfriend who was also her classmate.

  • Became Famous

    Elected to the fourth graduating class of AAK on December 1, 2013, became first place in the "red, blue and yellow" vote site.

  • Golden Age

    Became the first place in the 2013th annual AV actress ranking of the DMM, in April 2014, she was awarded the Best Actress Award Platinum in the 2014th DMM Award.

    On July 2014, her sexy actress popular entry vote multiplied by the character appearance of Sega's popular game "Yakuza", was elected to the third place and won the starring rights to the "Yakuza 0 Oath of Place".

  • Retire as an AV pornstar

    Became a member of Ebisu ★ Muscats on September 24, 2015.

    It was announced that she will retire as an AV actress come spring of 2016 in the "AV OPEN2015" on November 17, 2015 which took place in Tokyo Toyosu PIT Japan Adult Expo 2015. Then it was also announced in the blog.

  • First step towards global expansion.

    Became the first official Ambassador Girl of the online casino "QUEEN CASINO (Queen Casino)" on February 2016. Finally gracing the first step towards global expansion.