Beginners guide

How to deposit from PC

In just a few short steps you can be playing with QUEEN CASINO.
Click deposit button
Choose deposit method
Enter necessary information and deposit is done

Our deposit methods are very easy and speedy, but please note that you must create a I-WALLET account in advance.

We will explain how to deposit.

Choose deposit method

  • Click deposit button deposit-guide-img1
  • Please select deposit method after you get deposit page deposit-guide-img2
  • Procedure is different by deposit methods, please follow on each method.

Credit card (VISA)

Only VISA is available

The below screen will be shown after clicking Credit card.


Please enter in order from top and take extra care not to make mistakes.

  • Deposit amount (min. 10USD)
  • Request bonus (If there is available bonus)
  • Cardholder name
  • Card number
  • Card expiration date (Month, Year)
  • CVV2

Deposit transaction will be proceeded after clicking Deposit button.


I-WALLET is widely used in online casino industry, so it's highly recommended.

The below screen will be shown after clicking I-WALLET.