Bonus Information

QUEEN CASINO offers many opportunities to receive bonus money after each deposit. There are various types of campaigns, including deposit bonus, such as first deposit bonus, second deposit bonus, and third deposit bonus.

■ Deposit bonus

If you have received the deposit bonus, you can check it with the "bonus" account next to the cash account. The deposit bonus is basically the same as the first deposit bonus, and ●●% of the deposit amount is offered as a deposit bonus when depositing a certain amount or more. Example: 20USD deposit will get a 10USD deposit bonus.

The deposit bonus is indicated on the QUEEN CASINO site or on the campaign email, but the offer on the deposit bonus may be changed. If you do not have a specific Terms and Conditions, please refer to the Bonus General Terms and Conditions.

■ Spin Credit (Free Spin Bonus)

In QUEEN CASINO, spin credits are awarded to players randomly selected at random times throughout the year. Spin credits can be played in specific games or games in categories. If you get a spin credit, you will see a pop-up that lets you see which games you can use.

The amount won by the spin credit is reflected as a bonus, and it is necessary to satisfy the withdrawal condition to withdraw the bonus. You can check the details of withdrawal conditions for each bonus from "Bonus Information" in your account.

Since the bonus amount and the number of awards vary, we will notify you by e-mail, so please always register a valid e-mail address.

■ Notes and prohibitions for bonus games

1. Bet together cash and bonus, each with different withdrawal conditions will cause a system error, so please refrain.

2. The conditions for withdrawal of bonuses (first deposit bonus, reload bonus, etc.) automatically awarded by the system, requires a BET result of 30 times the bonus amount awarded. In addition, the maximum bet for one game is 10USD.
* Please refer to the "BET COUNT Percentage by Game Type" described below for the bonus BET count rate.

3. The conditions for withdrawal of the bonus (deposit-free bonus and special deposit bonus) that has been awarded manually require a BET result of 40 times the bonus amount awarded.
* Please refer to the "BET COUNT Percentage by Game Type" described below for the bonus BET count rate.

4. System betting using bonus money is prohibited.

5. Bonuses that do not meet withdrawal requirements will expire on 30 days.

6. If you apply for cash withdrawal with bonus money remaining, the bonus remaining at that time will be deleted automatically.

7. If we suspect a misappropriate use of the campaign’s terms, QUEEN CASINO may, at its discretion, may revise the terms of use and reserve the right to suspend or refuse any payments or wins.

8. All customers of QUEEN CASINO accept bonus money and accept the terms and the terms and conditions of each campaign.

9. In the event of a violation of the General Terms and Conditions of the Campaign, QUEEN CASINO reserves the right to confiscate the winnings and freeze the account in all circumstances, whether deliberately or negligently.

Percentage Game type:

  • 100% Pokies/Video Pokies
  • 15% Oasis Poker
  • 15% Pontoon
  • 15% Punto Banco
  • 15% Caribbean Poker
  • 15% Video Poker (All types)
  • 15% Blackjack (All types)
  • 15% Roulette (All types)
  • 15% Baccarat (All types)
  • 15% Instant Games

※ Please note that cash bet amount is not counted as bet for withdrawal conditions.

QUEEN CASINO regularly communicates campaigns and special offers via the website, email and other electronic media, and describes certain terms of use during each campaign period. In order to receive the latest version of the campaign, please register your registered email address with a valid address.