Every wager on Slots games you have made, we will reward you back. Rebates are calculated based on the total turnover in a week. The more you play, the bigger rebate amount you would have.(It is the strongest cash back campaign!)

We will give back up to 1.28% of your play amount for the week!

when the play amount
is over 5,000 USD


example: 5,000 USD

5,000 USD × 1.28%


rebate bonus
maximum payout


example: 234,375 USD

234,375 USD × 1.28%


special bonus will be added to VIP players!

VIP Silver member


extra 5% of the rebate payout will be added as VIP bonus

example: 5,000 USD

64 USD + 5% VIP bonus


VIP Gold member


extra 10% of the rebate payout will be added as VIP bonus

example: 5,000 USD

64 USD + 10% VIP bonus


Terms and Conditions:

  1. This offer entitles you to get 1.28% rebate based on slots turnover.

  2. To qualify for the 1.28% rebate, players must qualify in a minimum of five thousand (5,000) US Dollars turnover from Monday (00:00 GMT+9) - Sunday (23:59 GMT+9).

  3. ※ (Rebates will be counted from the Monday the players applied for the promotion)

    e.g. If a player applies on a Wednesday, his/her rebate will be calculated from the Monday (00:00 GMT+9) immediately preceding the application date up to the nearest Sunday (23:59 GMT+9).

  4. To receive any rebate, players must send an email to support@queen-casino.com or contact live chat to apply for the promotion.

  5. Maximum rebate amount is three thousand (3,000) US dollars. Rebates will be credited to the accounts of qualified players by 19:00 GMT+9 on every Wednesday and rebate requires 1 time turnover before withdrawal.

  6. Real Money wager from Sea Raider is not qualified for the turn over of rebate.

  7. Only wagers made on real money games will contribute towards the turnover.

  8. If you want to apply Slot Rebate Bonus, you will not be able to conjunct with Live Casino Rebate Bonus and Reload Bonus at the same time. (It will be possible to use together with any bonuses.)

  9. Once you received the “Reload Bonus“ once a week, please be aware that you will not be able to receive the “Rebate Bonus“ of the next week.

  10. ※Even if you delete the “Reload Bonus“ that has been awarded once, the “Rebate Bonus“ of the next week can not be awarded.

    ※After applying for Rebate Bonus, it is necessary to uncheck the “I would like a bonus offer“ check box when depositing.

  11. Queen Casino reserves the right to end, alter or change this promotion at any time and without prior notice.

  12. General terms and conditions, General Campaign’s terms and conditions apply.

  13. Please be reminded that if the same IP and system bet are found, the rebate bonus award will be voided and the eligibility for receipt will be withdrawn in the future.