Queen Casino - YGG tournament04

Ultimate special deposit bonus

A special bonus of 3,000 USD maximum will be presented to special customers who had extraordinary deposit!!

Terms of service:

  1. The campaign of this campaign is payment amount of 1 day (Japan time from 00: 00: 00 to 23: 59: 59)

next deposit exceeding 1,000 uSD or more will be covered.

Example 1) First time 1,500 USD payment 2nd bonus target

Example 2) First time 800 USD payment 2nd time 300 USD payment 3rd bonus target.

  1. The amount offered bonus will depend on your membership status.

50% up to 500 USD for general members' deposit

80% up to 800USD to VIP Bronze member deposit

100% up to 1,000 USD for VIP Silver member deposit

150% up to 1,500 USD for VIP Gold member payment

200% up to 2,000 USD for VIP Platinum member's deposit

300% up to 3,000 USD for VIP Diamond member's deposit.

  1. If you wish to receive a bonus, you will need Japanese customer support at the time the deposit for the bonus target is completed

Chat or e-mail to support@queen-casino.com

  1. Deposit eligibility is required.

In case of bank transfer, only within the bank opening hours, or payment from direct debit account.

Reservation payment will not be covered.

This bonus is only once a day.

  1. This bonus can be used with other campaigns.

However, deposit with Happy Hour Bonus & Happy Hour (without Bank Transfer) Bonus, is not covered with this campaign.

  1. Not counted in deposit.

Example 1) First time (Happy Hour) 500 USD deposit 2nd time 500 USD payment 3rd bonus Not covered.

Example 2) First time (Happy Hour) 500 USD deposit 2nd time 1,000 USD deposit 3rd bonus target.

  1. To withdraw the bonus, you need to play 40 times the bonus amount.
  2. This campaign reserves the right to terminate or revise from time to time without prior notice.
  3. Normal Terms of Service and Campaign General Terms of Service apply.