“One-rank higher” status for you.
Best in class VIP membership privilege

We provide the special experience to you who love QUEEN CASINO.
Once a VIP, you do not just get the title, you get the treatment from QUEEN CASINO as below.

Requirement for VIP membership

  • Silver KingDeposit: 5,000 USD

  • Gold KingDeposit: 10,000 USD

  • Platinum KingDeposit: 50,000 USD

  • Diamond KingDeposit: 100,000 USD

Entry to VIP programme is by invitation only.

Queen Casino VIP Plan

Silver King Gold Kind Platinum King Diamond King
Conditions of the VIP upgrade
(By Invitation)
Minimum turnover 50,000 USD(30 days)
Deposit : 5,000 USD
Minimum turnover 100,000 USD(30 days)
Deposit : 10,000 USD
Minimum turnover 500,000 USD(30 days)
Deposit : 50,000 USD
Minimum turnover 1,000,000 USD(30 days)
Deposit : 100,000 USD
VIP welcome bonus 50 USD 100 USD 120 USD 150 USD
Rebate Bonus Additional 5% from bonus Additional 10% from bonus Additional 15% from bonus Additional 20% from bonus
Credit Advantage - - - Advance credit up to 3,000 USD
VIP Manager - VIP Manager Service + Phone Number VIP Manager Service + Phone Number VIP Manager Service + Phone Number
Deposit and withdraw will be a priority - Yes Yes First Priority
Deposit and withdraw limit - Yes Yes Flexible
Yearly anniversary VIP membership - Special Gift Special Gift Special Gift
Birthday Treats Bonus Bonus + Gift Bonus Luxury Gift Bonus + Luxury Gift + Tours
Festive Treats Yes Yes Yes Yes
Special Event - Don’t miss it! Don’t miss it! Invite to VIP land casino and more!

Terms and Conditions

  1. VIP bonus can only be claimed once for each level upgrade.。
  2. VIP members are only allowed to take one VIP level every after 30days from the date when the current VIP level was acquired.
  3. VIP Players are required to follow the terms and conditions stated herein and on the website.
  4. QUEEN CASINO reserves the right to interpret, change, invalidate the rules of VIP members.
  5. QUEEN CASINO reserves the right to judge the qualification of the players and to refuse any player to join the VIP Program.
  6. QUEEN CASINO reserves the right to end, alter or change this program at any time and without prior notice.
  7. General terms and conditions apply.